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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

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Timeless Love
My Forerever Love
Dedicated to Someone Very Special
Submitted by Anonymous

We were almost kids when we met, since the very moment I saw you I new I could love you. We watched the stars at night, we had dreams of our future. Everything was more beautiful when I looked into your beautiful eyes. Our families, our lives, the time, our countries, everything separated us. But, today, so many years ago, I see a picture, a hear a song, I look at the stars, when I go to the beach. Even when I see my sons smile, I remember you. I keep you in my soul, in my heart, and keep wondering what would have been of my life if we had a chance. I am an old woman now, I have been married for so many years, but in my feelings, in my dreams I keep alive the girl that loved you. You made me feel complete, loved, I had dreams with you. So different to my gray reality. I will continue loving you, and in my next life I will try to find you. Maybe if I had waited more time, we could have been together. Meanwhile, I keep thinking that we will be together some other time, some other life, in time and eternity. I love you. Till next time. Maybe we will meet in Hawaii for our next life.


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