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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

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Second Chance Love

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Second Chance Love
My True Love.
Dedicated to My Love, Rush Micky
Submitted by Nancyann-Misau

My heart shattered the day my husband was taken away from me on the 25th of january 2005. I never thought my heart would ever loved again.
Until the 29th of July 2007, one heavenly night in Oahu,Hawaii i met the most sweetest guy i ever met. we talked all night long until the sun came up. He treated me with respect and honesty.He made me feel that i could love again. He never took advantage of my feelings and my heart.I never thought that someone else other then my husband could ever make me feel so safe and secured and so loving and helped me opened my eyes to see what was around me.Well it has been 1 yr and a half and our love is still going strong from the first day that we met and we are now heading down the aisle and getting married in beautiful hawaii..


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