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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

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Timeless Love
One night
Dedicated to My prince
Submitted by Anonymous

There is always that one true love that no one can quite forget, the one true love that even worlds and oceans apart you still think about no matter how happy you think your life is. I can still remember the one night you told me you would remember for a lifetime, do you remember? We were on the beach on one of the little islands of Hawaii, it was evening and the only light that lit our way as we walked was the bright luminous moon. I broke away from you for just a minute to dip my toe into the ocean as it seeped its way to the shoreline, it felt so good to be there with you, just the two of us, I looked up at you and smiled and I could see your blue-green eyes sparkle back at me and heard you say in a whisper, barely audible above the rush of the waves in the distance, “I will remember this night always, I will remember you forever.” And you smiled that charming smile that has been etched in my heart for ten years now. The one smile I will always remember and cherish
for a lifetime. Both of us have moved on with our lives, you probably will never read this or even remember me except maybe as a nuisance, but I will always remember you. Love you forever my prince,


China Doll


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