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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

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Long Distance Love

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Long Distance Love
Tropical Ho ‘onanea
Dedicated to My lov eof the Islands
Submitted by Gary

Hawaiian Ho ‘onanea

I left the phone and fax far behind
Hearing you say a hele mai (come).
Knowing my heart needed to unwind,
You prepared a tropical lanai.

Snorkeling with the gentle honu (sea turtle),
Riding emerald waves rushing to shore,
And strolling black sands of Punalu’u
Whetted our appetite to take in more.

We walked through acrid-yellow smoke
In the caldera of Kilauea,
Amazed by the power that awoke
And formed the height of Mauna Loa.

Cooing doves sang their soothing mele (song),
Calming as a mother calms a tot.
Breezes coaxed coconut palms to sway
As plumeria perfumed our nightspot.

By the kai (sea) we laid on golden sand,
Wrapped in the blanket of Hapuna (beach).
Everywhere reflected the artist’s hand,
From shore to snow-capped Mauna Kea.

Much too soon we said aloha ‘oe (farewell)
To our south sea ho ‘onanea (relaxation),
To the delights of hula and poi,
And the isle of Kamehameha.

© Gary Jeffries Feb 12, 08


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