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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

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Special Occasion
R and R
Dedicated to Brenda
Submitted by Anonymous

Rest and Recuperation, two of the most valued and loved words during a one year tour of military duty in the Republic of South Vietnam. It was June 1969 when I took my R and R to meet my wife of 18 months in Honolulu, Hawaii. I looked forward to that week for each day for the first six months in Vietnam and cherished each minute of it for the last six months in Vietnam. We were hotel bound for one night as a Pacific storm brought high winds and rain to the island, but the next few days we were able to explore the island and enjoy the fantastic weather and each other. This week of pure relaxation and renewal in each other’s company would be a high point in our 38 year marriage. The romance of the ocean, sunsets, beaches, great food, combined with the hospitality of the Hawaiian people allowed Brenda and I to reinvigorate a relatively new marriage and gave us memories to bind the many years that followed.


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