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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

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Timeless Love
My Mom And Her Life
Dedicated to My Mom
Submitted by Jyothi


my mom is great ..

my mom married at the age of sweet 16 her fate was not good .. she lost her great drunker the age of 20…she had a two little daughters..

carrying them .. she came to her moms place…
she thought what shall she do with old mom and two little daughters..

then she thought to work.. she worked as housemaid… she took care ..for her mom and she loved her childrens a lot.. she maid them to study .. in a convent schools she made them to come up on life ..she never thought of her life she only thought of her daughters…..

she always said them to never give up.. in lifes she worked worked worked until unless her daughters reached there goals… elder is a mangaer .. and younger is teacher..

we love u mom a lot..

still she says she is ready to work for her childrens…… cause she loves them ..

she wants them to see in top top top..

she is cool she is greatttttt!!! she is faboulous mom in the world we love u mom we are ready to do anything for uuuu..



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