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MarriageLong is the Journey Home…
Dedicated to Terry-Ann DuCharme

Submitted by Jason
As she came off the plane I saw the gleam in her eyes for her sons and the man she’d given all for; And it was dulled. She’d not been home since childhood and had gone back only briefly. Long is the journey to our featurless midwest town.

Through the deafening silence, I knew. Loud was the sound of childhood memories reflected in the windshield. Bright was the scent of Hawaii in her eyes. Long is the the journey to our flat, featurless town.

Her silent screams begged for the world. And I?…I longed to give it. She longed for the the mountains…and I to build them. She longed for the flowers…and I to grow them. She longed for the waves and I to push them. But I am no god. How can I give her all she longs for? How can I give her the world?

I sit now and the wave sprays my feet, but I did not push it. I glance to my right and flowers abound, but I did not grow them. I look to my left and there stands a majestic peak in all of it’s glory, but I did not sculpt it.

As the vision I have loved always, she appears from the mist. With the squeals of our gleeful children and the thunder of waves as her symphony and Diamond Head as her backdrop, the story of her love gleamed brighter than the candles of heaven.

Long is the journey home.


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