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Long Distance LoveDon’t Let It Be Forgot . . .
Dedicated to Dennis Curry

Submitted by Colleen
For one brief shining moment, I had an incredible friendship with a wonderful man, in Camelot. It was almost 30 years ago when we first met in this college play. We drifted apart over the years. I married and divorced twice, never quite finding the true love for which I always hoped.

Then recently while looking through an old box of pictures, I came across one from my college days. There was my good friend, smiling back at me. It set me to wondering what had happened with him. My curiosity led me to search for him on an internet website dedicated to reuniting classmates. Finding his name, I cautiously sent an introductory e-mail.

The next morning, my inbox held two e-mails from him. He was living 400 miles away, but our friendship flourished through the internet and telephone, then developed into a deep and abiding love. Now just two short months since our initial communication, we are engaged to be married, and plan on honeymooning in beautiful Hawaii.

I can’t predict exactly what the future holds, but there are some things of which I am certain. Miracles do happen, even outside the mystical bounds of the legendary Camelot; and love can find a way – even if it must cross an expanse of time and miles of space. For life can change for the better in the blink of an eye, or with just one tiny e-mail.


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