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Hawaii Recipes

Seared Scallop with Orzo Pasta & Fennel Salad

Source: James Stafford, Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa


12 ea. fresh diver scallops
1 lb orzo pasta
1/2 c. English peas
3 ea. preserved lemon
1/2 c. red onion, small diced
6 slices Prosciutto de Parma, dehydrated
2 oz. extra virgin olive oil
1 ea. fennel bulb, shaved
10 ea. mint leaves, chiffonade
2 oz. Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette

Cook orzo pasta in boiling salted water al dente. Toss in olive oil and spread out on a pan to cool. Blanch and shock English peas. Slice fennel paper-thin using a mandolin, and soak in ice water for 20 minutes. Fine Julienne preserved lemon, small diced red onion, and chiffonade mint leaves.

When ready to serve, combine all vegetables (except fennel and mint) and orzo with extra virgin olive oil, season with salt and white pepper. Break the dehydrated prosciutto into small pieces and add to pasta. Sear scallops over high heat until caramelized and medium rare. To serve, place the seared scallops on pasta, and top with shaved fennel, mint, and lemon thyme vinaigrette.

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