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Hawaii Recipes

Salmon Lumpia

Source: Chef Mike Moore, Lighthouse Bistro

1. Broil boneless salmon filets; refrigerate until cooled.
2. Season to taste with tahini paste, furikake (any style), oyster sauce, fish sauce and alae sea salt.
3. Mix in cooked and cooled jasmine rice, equal to ½ the amount of fish, until a paste is made.
4. Spoon into single lumpia wrappers and roll or wrap.
5. Seal with an egg wash and deep fry.

Tamarind Orange Sauce

Tamarind paste - boiled, pureed and strained to extract liquid.
Season extract with:
Fresh grated ginger
Gresh grated garlic
Fish sauce
Soy sauce
Brown sugar

Bring to a boil and thicken to a light syrup consistency with a cornstarch slurry.

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