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Hawaii Recipes

Pipikaula Nachos

Source: (Raymond) Jr. Aiu, Grand Hyatt Resort & Spa

Serves 10

16 oz. beef tenderloin, cut in half length wise
4 oz. brown sugar
1 oz. cumin
1 pc. Hawaiian chili pepper, minced
8 oz. Aloha sugar
1 oz. garlic chopped
4 oz. beer

Marinate beef for 2 hours. Cook beef until medium rare, let cool. Slice into 20 pieces. Place chips on small plate.

Lomi Salsa
10 oz. pear tomatoes cut in half
2 oz. green onions chopped
1 pc. Hawaiian chili pepper, minced
2 oz. Maui onions chopped
2 oz. cilantro chopped

Mix all ingredients together. Season with salt.
10 oz. taro chips
5 oz. sour cream

Place salsa on chips. Place beef on salsa. Place sour cream on beef and enjoy.

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