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Hawaii Recipes

Panang Seafood Curry

Source: Chef Frank Ke, Jr. , Royal Kona Resort

Seared Ahi and Red Tobiko Sauce

5 T red curry paste
2 C sugar
2 jars peanut butter (32 oz jar)
10 cans coconut milk
½ gal water
2 C fish sauce (patis)
salt to taste
15 pc each, carrots and potatoes
10 pc round onions
5 pc broccoli
1 lb cilantro
5 lb mixed assorted seafood
(your choice)
5 lb rice noodles

Combine first 6 ingredients on medium heat. Heat till all incorporated;
simmer for 10 minutes. Blanch vegetables separately, add to sauce, and
simmer for 5 minutes with seafood mix. Blanch noodles just before
serving. Pour curry over a bed of rice noodles. Yield: 50 portions.

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