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Hawaii Recipes

Lobster "Corn Dogs" with Wasabi Ketchup and Stone-Ground Mustard Vinaigrette and Sweet Potato Fries

Source: Executive Chef Rafael Camarillo, Courtyard Marriott

3 oz Lobster Tail (approx 1/2 of tail)
1 oz Corn Meal
2 C Milk
1 C Tempura Flour
Salt and Pepper to taste

5 oz Garlic
1 oz Cilantro
Salt and Pepper to taste
2 oz Salad Oil

Mix marinade ingredients and set aside. Cut whole lobster tail in half and remove lobster meat. Cut into 3 individual pieces, place in marinade for 1/2 hour. Skewer through with bamboo skewer.

In a bowl make your favorite tempura batter and mix corn meal, salt and pepper. Coat the lobster skewer with flour and place into tempura batter. Deep fry until golden brown.

*Use Milk instead of water to mix tempura flour. It makes the batter creamier and richer in texture. This is a play on our local favorite "Pronto Pops"

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