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Hawaii Recipes

Grilled Opihis with Famous Hana Chilli Pepper Shoyu, Limu Ogo-Green Papaya Namasu, Lomi Confetti Luau Emerald Coconut Sauce and Poi

Source: Culinary Concept Designer Noelani Josselin, Emerald Isle Opihi Company

2 C Hana's Famous Chili Pepper Shoyu
1 2.5 lb Bag of Frozen Emerald Isle Opihi in the shell, rinsed and drained

Grill Opihi over medium Kiawe coals until Opihi begins to simmer in its own juices. Add 1 tsp Chili Pepper Shoyu.

Green Papaya Namasu:
1 C Japanese Rice Vinegar
1 C White Vinegar
2 C White Sugar
2 T Salt (to taste)

Combine in pot over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Cool.

2 lb Red limu ogo cleaned and chopped
2 lb Grated Green Papayas
1 Carrot thinly sliced
1 Japanese Cucumber, sliced
1 Ginger finger, sliced
Salt to taste

Combine ingredients, salt to taste, chill.

6 Opihis
2 C Water
Salt to taste

Boil opihis in salted water, reduce to 1 cup liquid. Let cool, drain and reserve liquid.

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