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Ask the Big Kahuna "Answering the most common visitor questions"


Can you tell us of the better scuba locations on each of the islands.
Or where it's best. We plan to be in Hawaii in May. We will be on the islands of Oahu, Kauai, and Maui.


Spokane, WA
The Big Kahuna


Aloha My Underwater Friend,

There are many wonderful places to dive around all of the Hawaiian Islands. Below the rough waves and endless blue surface lies a wonder of marine life that can't be seen anywhere else on earth.

It can be difficult and even dangerous to navigate and find a perfect scuba location on your own. The best scuba spots change with the seasons and current ocean conditions. So I strongly recommend that you tour with a local guide. Not only will you have a professional taking care of the transportation and gear details, but also you will have a guide to all the best spots.

Since the Big Kahuna has never been much of a fish, I will leave it up to the professionals to guide you in your underwater adventures. See the links below to connect to the pro's.

Kauai: Scuba and Diving
Oahu: Scuba and Diving
Big Island: Scuba and Diving
Maui: Scuba and Diving

Happy Bubbles,
The Big Kahuna

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