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I have a declawed cat and I take her everywhere. Can I vacation in Hawaii with her?

The Big Kahuna


Aloha Kathy-

The Big Kahuna is sorry to have to tell you that your kitty will have to stay home while you visit us. I hope you can find someone who will care for her lovingly while you have the vacation of your dreams. Sun, gentle tradewinds, rainbows and waterfalls await - not to mention the incredible flowers, and the whales and spinning dolphins.

What is bad news for kitty has worked very well for the state, however, as Hawaii remains rabies-free. The exerpt quoted below is from the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture's animal quarantine brochure. Exceptions are made for seeing-eye dogs and guide dogs.
"Importation of dogs, cats and other carnivores into Hawaii is governed by Chapter 4-29 of the State of Hawaii, Department of Agriculture Administrative Rules. This law says that these animals are required to complete a 120-day confinement in the State Animal Quarantine Station. If specific pre-arrival and post-arrival requirements are met, animals may qualify for a 30-day quarantine."

For those who have fours months or so to get the proper paperwork completed in advance, there is a 5-day quarantine or a "walk through" which allows the owner to leave with their pet on the same day. However, you are subject to the hours of the Airport Animal Quarantine Holding Facility at the Honolulu International Airport, so your timing has to be just right or they might be closed, adding a day or two to the quarantine period.

If you need more information and/or clarification, refer to their online Hawaii Animal Quarantine Information or call 808-483-7151.

Kitty might not be able to come with you to Hawaii, but you are likely to see some feral chickens and cats during your visit who would be happy to accept your affections... at least the cats would, anyway...
The Big Kahuna

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