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Is the free hula show still running in Kapiolani Park, and if it is, what days or times does it run?

Charlottesville, VA
The Big Kahuna


Aloha Baxter,

The Kodak Hula Show at Kapiolani Park (Waikiki) was a Hawaiian tradition that began in 1937. The outdoor show was an historical look at the islands through the beauty of the hula performed by Hawaiian resident dancers. Over the years, more than 17 million visitors saw the show. Unfortunately, funds for this great tradition ran out and this specific show is no longer performed.

However, local hotels, resorts, and shopping centers on every island carry on the hula tradition with free shows. You’ll need to call them for times and dates, as these can change often.

Luau's typically include hula as part of the experience. So, if you go to a luau, you get both: the feast and the show, which includes at least hula.
Here are some links to help you get started on your luau planning: Big Island Luau | Kauai Luau | Maui Luau | Oahu Luau

Mahalo for writing.

The Big Kahuna

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