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Life Extension Foundation

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Non-profit group funding pioneering scientific research to achieve indefinitely extended healthy human lifespans. We use our findings to develop proven disease prevention & treatment protocols for you. World’s largest organization dedicated to finding scientific methods to eliminate disease, aging, death.

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Company Spotlight:

The Life Extension Foundation (LEF) was incorporated in 1980, but its founders have been writing about & financially supporting anti-aging research since the 1960s.

If you join LEF today, you receive:
• 1,665-page reference book "Disease Prevention and Treatment," a hardcover 4th edition, revealing what doctors are NOT doing to save the lives of patients, and containing novel approaches to prevent & treat 134 medical disorders. Cover price: $49.95, but is free to new members.

• Life Extension magazine…an over 96-page monthly publication filled with medical research findings, inside scientific reports, and practical guidance about using nutrients & hormones to slow aging. LEF magazine provides a continuous stream of knowledge about the practical application of new discoveries enabling readers to protect their health.

• Access to a toll-free phone # where members can speak with health advisors & medical doctors about individual health concerns. These advisors help members design a personalized health maintenance program.

• The Life Extension Product Directory…a comprehensive listing of the most important nutrients & hormones aging humans should take to maintain or regain their health.

• An incredible 25-80% discount on pharmaceutical-quality dietary supplements & mail-order blood testing services — your savings can greatly exceed your membership dues.

• All members receive additional exciting benefits & discounts on products & services, including discounts on prescription drugs, offered by select partner companies, such as Hertz, Bally’s & Royal Resorts. Members can earn additional benefits based on their product purchase history through the LEF Buyers Club.

When you renew your membership, you receive $129 worth of advanced products free.

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1. Where does your money go?
2. Why pharmaceutical grade quality in supplements is important.
3. Choosing a supplement supplier.
4. LEF's Track Record.
5. How members save money on supplement purchases.

As soon as research leads to the discovery of safe & effective therapies of benefit to members, they are incorporated into LEF's Disease Prevention & Treatment Protocols so members can use them quickly. As more people join LEF, the pace of research accelerates -- with the ability to significantly extend healthy human lifespans.

In addition to learning about life-saving therapies first, Foundation members privately obtain pharmaceutical-quality supplements through a unique wholesale "buyers club" discount program, available only to members. New members receive free books containing highlights of what LEF has published since 1980.

LEF monitors thousands of scientific studies weekly to assure its therapy protocols are current. LEF personnel interact with the foremost medical & anti-aging researchers in the world to obtain inside information about the latest life extension breakthroughs. Foundation members often gain access to disease-preventing, anti-aging findings before published in scientific & medical journals.

LEF is the foremost US organization protecting rights of Americans to import lifesaving medications for their own personal use. LEF maintains a directory of innovative practicing physicians to assist you in implementing the advanced, innovative therapies it recommends.

New medical information is uncovered exponentially. LEF members learn about medical breakthroughs years before the general public. If you are concerned about your health & longevity, we highly recommend you join the non-profit Life Extension Foundation.

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