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Testimonials from Consumers

Note: Though all of these testimonials are unsolicited, we are happy whenever we receive them. A representative sampling from the many testimonials we receive appears below.

I signed up to receive emails from different companies and excursions in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Hawaii for our second honeymoon. We couldn't be happier with the feedback we received and in fact we have already signed up for 7 tours and excursions, many with discounts!!! Your service is wonderful and has helped us out a great deal and we thank you for it. We now have an awesome trip to look forward to and much has to do with you and your service. Keep up the great work!
Ed & Dyan Petke
I am very fond of traveling to different places. I use different web sites/travel agents/guides to plan my vacation. This website is the best I ever used to plan my vacation and I have used this website extensively to plan my vacation.
If anyone ever asks me about advice on Hawaii vacation, I will highly recommend Best Places Hawaii to him/her. I am very glad that I found your website. Thanks a lot for gathering all information in one place.
Achyut S. Dalvi
I am planning a honeymoon to Hawaii and signed up for vacation information. I received a TON of information and it was well worth it. I was worried about planning my honeymoon, but in a few short weeks with very little effort I had a place for us to stay in Kauai and Maui, our flights to and from the mainland including our inter-island fares, and a rental car. I also received a MUCH better deal than I was able to find on my own, and it is a fraction of the cost some of my friends have spent on their honeymoons.
. . . Signing up to receive vacation information on your website is one of the best things I have done! The only bad thing is our honeymoon is not until October. . . I don't think I can wait that long.
Steve Belt
All I can say is "Wow!" What quick responses I have already received. Actually, the first day, emails started coming in and I was so surprised how nice and informative the emails have been.
Thanks for a great idea and wonderful service to put the customer at ease. I am in the middle of planning our wedding/honeymoon for Hawaii and all these emails truly help!
J.M. Dawson
She had the minister, the place with waterfall identified, the photographer was ready. She found it all via the Best Places Hawaii website, and searched and found the right mix. Even the traditional wedding headdress was all arranged!
Lance Kull
I just wanted to thank you for your efforts and the advice given. Very appreciated! ...We are receiving a ton of information from various resorts and it is truly interesting and informative to compare all these condo's and features - vacation planning has come a long way. Snail mail is becoming prehistoric, I tend to believe. Thanks very much.
Don and Kay S.
Many thanks Best Places Hawaii. I have read, compared, and treasured your email selections covering activities, accommodations, discounts, etc. What a great service you offer. You have made it easier! The businesses participating in your program are friendly, helpful and creative. Many thanks!
Sandy Tryles
My wife and I have just returned home to Great Britain after spending 14 wonderful days on Oahu. I want to thank you for all the good information... that made our holiday so enjoyable. We shall return.
Ron Fosters
Thank you for all the info we have received from your listed advertisers. It was enough to plan the trip. Most gave us new insights into availability of interesting things to do, places to stay, and activities.
Fay Morrisson
We have only received excellent emails, full of information and key site links for us to visit.
Larry Hawk
I am already very excited about some of the options that have been sent my way. Thank you for this service! I think it will be crucial in helping my fiancee and me find the perfect place for our honeymoon.
Lauren Grime
I have received many responses, and they have been very helpful. I have received information that, to my knowledge, I would not have had otherwise.
P. Leopard
Thank you for all your info. I really appreciate it so much. It has been useful.
Joni Crider