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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Story Archives
15 Years Ago - by Nikkol
20th Anniversary - by Anonymous
25 And Counting - by Jeff
28 years of Love - by Anonymous
3 R's:Rememebrance.Reunion,Return - by Cheryl
30th Anniversary - by Steve
36 Years and Counting. - by Jeannie
40 Years - by Linda
4th of July Hawaiian Love - by Jacqua
5 generations visit Hawaii - by Juli
50 Aint Nothin! - by Alfred
50th Anniversary dream of Hawaii - by Leilani
5th Grade Snowballs - by Amy
A 128 Mountains - by Robert
A Beach Without Footprints - by Charles
A Beautiful Aloha Dream - by Corinne
A Costly Love - by Anonymous
A Different Kind of Love - by Caitland
A Different Kind of Love Story - by Nani
A Dream Come True - by Clara
A Dream Come True - by Donna
A Dream Come True - by Richard
A Dream for My Husband - by Sharon
A Dream Is A Wish - by Kathy
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes - by Velda
A Dream Spelled Out - by Anonymous
A Feeling - by Robert
A glance - by Anonymous
A Honeymoon - by Deb
A Honeymoon Atlast - by Katie
A Honeymoon never had - by Ellaham
A Legacy of Love - by Molly
A Letter to the Shores - by Jennifer
A Library Card is Your Ticket - by D
A Life's Journey of Love and Aloha - by Anonymous
A Lifetime Dream - by Sherrial
A Lifetime of Love. - by Robert
A Little Boy's Prayer - by Paula
A long awaited Honeymoon to Hawaii - by Dawn
A longtime dream of Hawaii - by Barbara
A love story - by Carolyn
A Love Story for the New Millenium - by Rachel
A Love Triangle - by Sharon
A Love Worth Waiting For - by Lonnetta
A Memorial to the Love of My Life - by Linda
A moment away - by Kevin
A Mother's Dream - by Anonymous
A Mother's Heart - by Rachel
A Mothers Love - by Cynthia
A Never-ending Love - by Jacqueline
A new family - by Anonymous
A Night never to forget - by Anonymous
A Night Under The Stars - by Diana
A Papa Grows Up - by Susan
A Perfect Sunset - by Cindy
A Piece of Paradise - by Steven
A Pinch away from Paradise - by Diane
A Place Where Dreams Can Happen - by Angela
A Prayer For Hawaii - by Stuart
A Promise Made - by Anonymous
"A Rainbow for my Lady" - by Darlene
A 'Real' Honeymoon - by Barbara
A Real-Life Storybook Romance - by Anonymous
A Romantic Nawiwili Night - by Ronald
A Sense of Completeness - by Zahid
A soldier & My soulmate - by Dawn
A Special Kind of Love - by Linda
A Test of Time - by Kimberly
A Time of Growing - by Franni
"A Time to Remember" - by Ed
A True Timeless Love - by Anonymous
A Whirlwind Romance - by Renee
A white Rose in Hawaii - by Deborah
A Wish from Heaven that has came Tr - by Linda
A World of Happiness - by Mae
Absolute Soul Mates - by Kristen
Accidentally in love - by Meghan
After all these years - by Anonymous
Again in Heaven - by Anonymous
Ahh Life - by Jill
All I want is to give you my love… - by Anonymous
All roads traveled led me home - by Dena
Aloha - by Tina
Aloha Hawaii - by Francis
Aloha Mahu'i ‘Ole I'a - by Rachelle
Aloha means love - by Coralie
Aloha R & R. - by Anonymous
Always - by Anonymous
Always Surprising Me - by Deborah
Always Will Be There - by Donna
An Angel - by Carolanne
An Island Of Memories - by Ken
An Ongoing tradition of love - by Katie
An Unforgetable Dream - by Heather
An Untouchable Heart - by Steve
...And 53 Years Later - by Hedy
And So She Came - by Linda
And there was Silence - by Teresa
Annemom's Heaven - by Caurie
Another Chance at Love - by Dawn
Another View of the Ocean - by Daniel
Answered Prayers - by Brenda
Are we there yet? - by Anonymous
As If It Were Only Yesterday - by Nick
At Last - by Beverley
At last Kauai - by Sandra
At Long Last - by Jody
Away - by Anonymous
Awesome Beauty - by Lynn
Before Hawaii - by Diana
Better late than never... - by Anonymous
Betting on love - by Anonymous
"Beyond Eternity" - by Kathy
Big Opportunities - by Angela
Bittersweet - by Lynn
Brent and Angie's Dream - by Angela
Bringing home the moon - by Phenix
Building a Home - by Anonymous
Buy Me - by Jackie
Caring comes in different ways - by Barbara
Catherine and I - by Jeffrey
Celebration of Love - by Brenda
Chance Incounter's - by Kim
Child from Heaven - by Lokelani
Coincidence & Chemistry - by Anonymous
Coming Home - by Brenda
Coming Home - by Irette
Coming Home - by Anonymous
Confession - by Mara
Crossing Paths - by David
Dad's New Disciple Story - by Joannie
Daddy Came Home - by Heather
Dancers in the Night - by Kathryn
Dear America - by Theresa
Dear Journal - by John
Dear Peke - by Lane
Delicate Line - by Anonymous
Destiny - by Pauline
Diamond Head - by Jack
Diamonds - by J
Do dreams come true? - by Anonymous
Don't know what you got untill ... - by Mandy
Double the Love - by Lori
dream - by Meredith
Dream a dream - by Robin
Dream Came True - by Jimmy
Dream Vacation - by Anonymous
Dreamin of Hawaii - by Jackie
Dreaminfg of Paradise - by Brad
Dreaming Together Forever - by Anonymous
Dreams - by Cheryl
Dreams - by Debbie
Dreams - by Shirley
Dreams do Come True - by Randy
Dreams Do Come True - by Sharon
Dreams Due Come True - by Anonymous
Dreams of Hawaii - by Monica
Dreams of Hot Sand Between Her Toes - by Ryan
Eden's Garden - by John
Empty Nesters - by Brenda
Encaptured Dreams - by Mayda
Endless Love - by Angelo
Endless love - by Linda
Entwined Love - by Fran
Even Now - by Lori
Everlasting love - by Angella
Every Day - by Laura
Extasia - by Michel
Family and Friends - by M
Family Love - by Richard
Fascination - by Genevieve
Fate - by Kristen
Fern Grotto exemplifies Aloha - by Mari
Finally... a bride - by Amanda
Finding Forever - by Colleen
Finding Ourselves - by Lynda
Fireworks in Tianjin - by Tori
First and Last Vacation - by Dianne
First Kiss - by Joyce
First Love - by James
First Love/Last Love/Forever Love - by Deborah
First Sight - by Gloria
Flowers For Mom - by Ty
"Footprints On The Sands of Time: - by Nick
For All The Years - by Ioana
For One Who Gives So Much to others - by Rick
Forever - by Hershell
Forever - by Anonymous
Forever and Ever - by Vikki
Forever Hawaii - by Marilyn
Forever I Swear - by Nikki
Forever In Love - by Jody
Forever Love - by Asha
Forever Love - by Anonymous
Forever More - by Brian
Forever Sunrise - by Sue
Freedom's Never Free - by Wyveta
Friend, Date, Wife, Inspiration. - by Wayne
Friends - by Anonymous
From Hawaii to Eternity - by Jeanne
From there to eternity - by Jim
Fully Hollow - by Chris
Gifts - by John
Glowing Sensations - by christopher
God Gave You Me - by Jay
Gone But Not Forgotten - by Shari
Gracious meeting - by Robert
Grains of Eternal Love - by Corina
Grandpa's Lesson - by Robert
Greatest Love - by Dan
Guardian Angel - by Sunshine
Happiness - by Kenneth
Hawaii - by Sheryl
Hawaii A Beautiful Dream - by penny
Hawaii Aloha - by Frank
Hawaii at Home - by Suzanne
Hawaii Calling - by Stephen
Hawaii Calls - by Trudi
Hawaii calls me home - by Anonymous
Hawaii ......definition Paradise - by Patty
Hawaii Dream - by Anonymous
Hawaii Gold - by Colleen
"Hawaii, Hawaii" - by Marla
Hawaii in Our Hearts - by Anonymous
Hawaii in Pennsylvania - by Jeanine
Hawaii is a magical island - by Sky
Hawaii Love - by James
Hawaii Makes it better. - by Charles
Hawaii Memories - by Wendi
Hawaii, Mi Amor - by John
Hawaii My Paradise Dream - by Hazel
Hawaii Never Leaves You - by Jon
Hawaii Now - by Lyle
Hawaii, Paradise to Romance - by Sharlene
Hawaii - Place of Love and Beauty. - by Rosanna
Hawaii: Round Trip - by Lee
Hawaii-My Own Piece of Heaven - by Lori
Hawaii-The Lovers Islands - by Charles
Hawaiian Anniversary - by Pat
Hawaiian Dream - by Nancy
Hawaiian Healing - by Andrew
Hawaiian hourglass - by Robert
Hawaiian Love - by Barb
Hawaiian Love Affair - by Diane
Hawaiian Time - by Tony
Hawaiian Valentine - by Caroline
Hawaiian Waves - by Carlos
He Is My Best Friend - by Jeanette
He's Home Now - by Donna
He's the Man - by Kelli
Healing Hearts - by Anonymous
Heart of Aloha - by Sharon
Heavenly Love - by Cyndy
Hidden Answer - by Michael
Holding Hands - by Scott
"Home in Hawai'i" - by Evelyn
Home is where the Island is - by Zachary
Honeymoon Hurricane - by Donna
Honeymoon in Hawaii - by Jodi
Honolulu, 1968 - by Betsy
How Deep is Your Love - by Edgar
How I remember my Grammy - by Anonymous
How lucky are the ones - by Catalina
How to Catch a Rainbow - by Anonymous
How to make 2 lovers of friends! - by Nancy
Hues of Hawaii - by Anonymous
Hula Dance of the Heart - by Anonymous
Hurdles to a forever family - by LaVern
I am married to my Hero - by Christi
"I am still there in the plane!!" - by Dr
I Can Name That Tune in 30 Years - by Clinton
I Can See The Sunsets In My Dreams - by Gloria
I can't afford Hawaii… - by Ruth
I Could Never Find Another Love.... - by Deborah
I Dream Im In Hawaii - by Penny
I Fell in Love With You in 5th Grade - by Pauline
I have nothing but my heart - by Anonymous
I Left my Heart in Hawaii - by Anonymous
I love Hawaii so much I moved there - by Catalina
I Love My Wife! - by Gerard
I Love You!!!! - by Sharon
I Truly Am A Millionaire - by Wanda
I will love you forever - by Princess
I will watch over you - by Susie
I Would Choose You All Over Again - by Carol
I'll Be Back for You... - by Annette
I'll Remember You - by Christopher
I'm Hopelessly In Love...Hawaii - by Brenda
I'm sure I'm not the first.... - by Sharon
I've Known you forever - by Arianne
If................................. - by L
If I Could Have One Wish - by Andrea
If I New - by Sandy
If I Took You To Hawaii - by Timothy
If We Had Only Known - by Terri
In Love & Lovin' It !!! - by Lisa
In Sickness & Health - by Alexandria
In This Life I Was Loved By You - by Bfa
Incredible Beginings in Love - by Katie
Interlude in Paradise - by Wendy
Is It Alright - by Kathryn
Island Magic - by Gina
Island Memories - by M.C
Island Paradise - by Susan
It could have been my eyes - by M
It Couldn't Be Better - by Violet
It's Our Time!!! - by Carol
It's Time - by Lesley
Jenna and Dale - by Jenna
Journey of Love - by Karen
Journey through the Heart of the Dragon - by DeSimone
Jump with me - by Bob
Just Another Love Story - by Anonymous
Just one glance - by Charlie
Just one moment - by Brandi
Just What You Deserve - by Jessica
Kalaupapa, The Leper Colony - by Anonymous
Kalona's Dream - by Sharon
Kaloni - Heaven on Earth - by Gwen
Kauai - by Louise
Keeping A Promise - by Anonymous
Keeping Our Love Alive - by Mr
Kona, My Safe Harbor - by Shirley
Kuu pau ole aloha - by H
Larry and Joan E - by Joan
Last Call - by John
Lasting Love in Hawaii - by Anonymous
Let's Rediscover Paradise - by Sara
Letter from paradise - by Roger
Life Doesn't Get Much Better - by Christine
Life Long Friends - by Rebecca
Life of infertility - by Kim
Life Time Journey - by Anonymous
Life, You and Hawaii - by Anonymous
Life's Twists - by Tony
Living in Paradise - by Friede
Living Love Endlessly - by Marilyn
Long Ago - by Antoinette
Long Time Coming - by Anonymous
Look At Us Now - by Sandy
Losing a child - by Debra
Love Always - by Wendy
Love Always Waits - by David
Love and Dedication - by Tracy
Love at first flight - by Jerry
Love at First Sight - by Donna
Love at First Step - by Ann
Love Catches Up - by Carrie
Love Conquers All - by Anonymous
Love Endures - by Patricia
Love Endures Through War - by Susan
Love for a lifetime - by Anonymous
Love Forever.... - by Anonymous
Love from far away - by Rory
Love has given us Strength - by Michele
Love has no Time frame - by Alcario
Love Hawaiian Style - by Pamela
Love in War - by S
Love is all we need - by Dawn
Love Is Forever - by Anonymous
Love is Like a Three-legged Stool - by Lisa
Love Lingers - by Bev
Love Never Ends - by Frederick
Love Never Ends - by Michele
Love of Life - by Janna
Love of My Life! - by Cheryl
Love of My Life - by Tricia
Love on the Big Island - by MaryBeth
Love Takes Many Forms - by Donna
Love...What is Love? - by Randy
Love's Dreams Endure - by Anonymous
Madam Pele Brought Us Together - by Susan
Magical Moments - by Lu
Magical Spirits of Aloha - by Holly
Many Islands of Love - by Tanya
Many years together - by Anonymous
Meant to be - by Monica
Memories - by Frankie
Memories - by Jeffrey
Memories - by Anonymous
Memories Of Dad In Hawaii - by Katy
Message in a bottle - by John
Michael and Carey - by Carey
Miracles in Oahu - by Cecil
Mission: Impossible???? - by Sarah
Misty moments - by Tony
Mom and Dad - by Christine
Mom and Dad's love of a lifetime - by Jill
More Every Day - by Kim
Morning Star - by Frankie
Most Memorable Moments - by Denise
Mother Falls In Love At 82 - by Frances
My Aloha 'ia - by Herbert
My Angel - by Anonymous
my Angel-Pie - by Anonymous
My "Beach Bear" - by Elizabeth
My best friend, Jeremy - by Stephanie
My dearest Cyndi... - by Dave
My Dream - by Barendina
My Dream - by Anonymous
My Dream - by Lois
My Elvis Fan's Dream - by David
My Endless Love - by Meghan
My Eternal Love - by Carmen
My First and Only Love - by Anonymous
My First and Only True Love - by Liberty
My flyboy - by Dab
My friend, my partner, my love - by Tracy
My Frist Trip To Hawaii - by Anonymous
My Hawaii - by Caroline
My Heaven on Earth - by Brenda
My Jen, My love, My wife - by Anonymous
My Liana - by Andrea
My Life - by Cookie
My love - by Anonymous
My Love Bug - by Viveca
My love for life - by Vindy
My Love Story - by Ann
My love story - by Friends
My Love Story - by Michelle
My Love Story of Hawaii - by Priscilla
My Love will be enough - by Michelle
My most cherished souvenir - by Anonymous
My One And Only - by Douglas
My One True Love - by Vivian
My parents' love - by Anonymous
My Promise, Mexawaiian Style - by Manuel
My Rescuer - by Anonymous
My Soul Mate - by Brenda
My Soul Mate - by Gena
My Soul Mate - by Krista
My Soul Mate - by Liz
My soulmate - by Anonymous
My Stinky - by Peter
My Sweet Date - by Scott
My Sweetie - by Omar
My Timeless Friendship - by Ann
My Timeless Paradise - by John
My True Love - by Carla
My True Love - by Cookie
My True Love - by Emily
My True Love - by Anonymous
Mystical Maui - by Muriel
Nellies Heaven - by Anonymous
Never A Honeymoon - by Amanda
Never far from My Heart - by Pamela
Never in Paradise together - by Gary
New Dreams for Old - by Helen
No Greater Love - by Anonymous
No time for sadness - by Anonymous
Not the only thing starting with H - by E
Ocean apart - by Lovell
"Ode To An Anniversary" - by Cynthia
'Ohana - by Mark
Ohana In My Heart - by Michael
On The Shore - by Stan
On the Shores of Turtlebay - by Kazi
Once Upon a Time...40 years ago - by Sharon
Once Upon A Timeless Moment - by Anonymous
One Day - by Anonymous
One Wish - by Dawn
Only in dreams - by Virginia
Our 25th Anniversary Renewal - by Debbie
Our 30th Anniversary - by Les
Our Anniversary - by Jackie
Our Deams Come True - by Mary
Our Dream - by Geri
Our Dream - by Kris
Our Dream... - by Massimino
Our Garden Island - by Duane
Our Hawaii - by Peggy
Our Hawaii - by Susan
Our Honeymoon of Long Ago - by Alan
Our journey to Hawaii - by Anonymous
Our Life - by Gerald
Our life of love - by Gary
Our Life Together - by Anonymous
Our love - by Heather
Our Love - by Manuel
Our Love - by Anonymous
Our Love Will Always Be Strong - by Anonymous
Our Love will stand the test of tim - by Sabrina
Our Magic Love - by Anonymous
Our Maybe Destination - by Anonymous
Our Own Hawaii - by Marilyn
Our Paradise - by Gary
Our Second Honeymoon - by Anonymous
Our Special Hawaii Gift - by Cr
Our Time - by Donna
Our timeless Journey to Hawaii - by Anonymous
"Our Tree" - by L.K
Our trip to Hawaii - by Tamara
Paradise - by C
Paradise Eternal - by Nathan
Paradise for Etenity - by Spanner
Paradise Forever - by Anonymous
Paradise in Your Eyes - by E.Z
Paradise Interrupted - by Jennifer
Paradise Lost - by Joe
Paradise My Love - by Anonymous
Paradise regained - by Anonymous
Paul - by Paula
Pearl Harbor - by Larry
Phone Love - by Chayke
Pictures - by Dena
Polynesian Nocturne - by Dana
Pono - by Heidi
Prince Charmings really do exist! - by Dixie
Promises - by Greensthings
Promises made/ promises fulfilled - by Anonymous
Promises of Hawaii - by Carolyn
Protected - by Joan
Rainbow Falls - by Sarah
Recovery - by Gloria
Remember Then, Cherish Now - by Anonymous
Returning the Favor - by Chrystal
Road to Fedala - by Robert
Romance and Relaxation - by Anonymous
Roosters and Romance - by Jacqueline
SallyJo - by Larry
Second Chance - by Paula
Second Chance At Romance - by Anonymous
Seek And You Shall Find - by Patricia
Selfless LOVE - by Mike
Senta's Love Story - by Darlene
She Took My Breath Away In Hawaii - by Roger
She's My Everything - by Anonymous
Silver sands of time - by Anonymous
Something Just Keeps You Together - by Anonymous
Soul Mate - by Mona
Soul Mates - by Stephanie
Soul of Hawaii - by Karen
Souls in an Everlasting Love - by Timothy
Special Hawaii Romantic Getaway - by Anonymous
Special Love - by Andrea
Spelled Out For You - by Cathy
Spoiled by Love - by Jennifer
Still in Love With You! - by Maria
Still Together - by Sam
Stress - by Susie
Sunset in Paradise - by Tim
Sweet Hitchiker - by Dena
Taking Chances - by Karen
Thank You - by Carrie
Thank you - by Holly
Thank you for the time... - by Jodi
That One Journey - by LaVonne
The ABC's of Hawaii - by Debbie
The Beach Bum's Surprise - by Cathy
The Big Ones - by Judy
The Dolhin Song - by PatriceBlueMaltas
"The Dream" - by Angela
The Family Reunion - by Anonymous
The fire is still burning - by Sharlett
The Gift - by Genevieve
The Gift Touched By heaven - by James
The Golden Moment Of Eternity - by Tom
The Grass Skirt - by Lou
The Honeymoon - by Anonymous
The Importance of the Hula Girl - by Anonymous
The Inner Journey - by Brenda
The Inspiration - by George
The Kids and I - by Della
The legendary Hawaii - by Susan
The Light That You Shine - by Keith
The love Canal - by Anonymous
The Love Of A Parent - by Denise
The Love Of My Life - by Chrystal
The Love of My Life - by Donna
The Love Of My Life - by Karon
The Love of My Life - by LouAnn
The Love of My LIfe - by Martha
The Love of My Life - by My
The Love of My Life - by Anonymous
The love of my life! - by Rudy
The Love Shirt - by Darrell
The Luckiest Woman Alive - by Velda
The Magic of the First Kiss - by Paul
The Next 25 Years - by Anonymous
The Pain - by Kevin
The Paragraphs of Love - by Jenninfer
The Pearl - by Lindsay
The perpetual honeymoon - by Shirley
The Poem on Your Wall - by Krzysziu
The Promise - by Leslie
The Sea Holds Secrets Never Shared. - by Ronni
The Secret - by Jimmy
The Shell - by Susie
The song of Noa Noa and Hiro - by Andrea
The Spirit of Aloha Re-Awakened - by Judi
The Summer My Life Changed - by Alissa
The Test - by C
The Time Of My Life - by Karen
The Trip That Was Never to Be - by Linda
The waiting - by Wendy
The Way He Completed Me - by Elizabeth
The Wind Off Wikii Beach - by John
The Woman that I love - by Charles
There's More To True Lovin - by Anonymous
They Said It Wouldn't Last - by Anonymous
They Said It Wouldn't Last - by Susan
Thirty-Five Years of Dreams - by Sandy
Till death do us part! - by Valerie
Till death do us part - by Violet
Time Alone - by Tom
Time to Grow Up - by Charlotte
Time to share - by Mickey
Timeless Summer Love Affair - by Lauren
Timing is everything.... - by Dr
To my best friend…. - by Christi
To My Husband - by Anonymous
To my love - by Jennifer
To Relive My Life - by Anonymous
Today, Tomarrow, And Forever - by Anonymous
Together Forever - by Michael
Touched By Hawaii Waters - by Dr
Treasured Love - by Cheryl
True Aloha - by Lko
True Commitment - by Peggy
True Destiny - by Sara
True Love - by Eleanor
True love - by Robin
True Love - by Anonymous
True Love - by Sally-Jo
True Love - by Wendy
True Love - by Wife
True Love Stands The Test Of Time - by Mike
"True Survivors" - by Nancy
Twenty Years Later - by Jan
Twenty years to Hawaii - by Anonymous
Two Hearts As One - by Malissa
Two in Eternity. - by Raymond
Two Loves, Both Now and Forever - by Anonymous
Two Tickets To Paradise-Hawaii - by Danae
Unbelievable - by Anonymous
Unbroken Ring - by Jim
Unconditioal Love - by Fusi
Unconditional Devotion - by Karen
Vacation Getaway - by Gerald
Waikiki Honeymoon - by John
We Are a Family Now - by Barendina
We Did It! - by Janice
We fell in love in Maui - by Anonymous
What a Blind Date - by Dori
what Hawaii means to me - by Karen
What is Love? - by Shannon
When I Saw Her Standing There. - by Jonathan
When I'm Gone - by Duane
When Times were hard - by Anonymous
When we were young - by Khristina
When You Know It's The Right One - by Melissa
Whispers from the Past - by Elizabeth
Who could have known? - by Michael
Will You Marry Me? - by Justin
"Will You Marry Me Again. - by Robert
With all my heart - by Lana
Wonderful Moments - by Shirley
Worth The Wait - by Anonymous
Yesterday - by Joyce
Yesterday - by Paul
You are my world - by Starlet
You Are Still The One - by Anonymous
You Gave So Much And You Saved Me. - by Louise
You Look Familiar To Me - by Rica
Young Love, Forever Love - by Debra
Your Eyes - by Janese
Your heart Smiled - by John
Your Love Is Wonderful & Lasting - by Anonymous
Your Smile - by Debbie

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