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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Promise Hawaii
Dedicated to Mike

Submitted by Sabina

Our meeting was at a crossroad in our lives since we both came from failed marraiges but in an age when relationships fail, what brought us together was hope. A hope that true love would finally touch our lonely hearts.

Meeting the man of my dreams was a quest to find that elusive love that had been so distant and fleeting.

Like trying to catch a bird with my bare hands love escaped me.

It has been almost two years since our meeting and your promise of our trip to Hawaii keeps my heart content.

Although I have never been there I imagine us walking on the sand at your favorite island holding your precious hand. Your beautiful silver hair like a halo in the soft light as the sun goes down inspires me to reach to your handsome face and gently carress your dark soft skin. The moment is captured in a mental picture where I can store it and revisit it time and time again.

I live for that moment my love. Your dream of taking me there. A paradise love story that says there is always hope. Your promise of Hawaii keeps me in this bliss.

What a journey to get at this point in our lives and finally find true love.

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