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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Young Love
Dedicated to John Birdsong My husband

Submitted by Anastesia

I hated the thought of marriege and having to depend on a man like my mother does, I never believed in the forever love that books made you wish for, and at the most I just wanted someone who would be good to me and make my days easy. Then I found Johnny. I had known him for two years before he ever asked me out but when we met he had been interested in a friend of mine which crushed me.
At 16 he had seemed so wonderful and the epitome of bad boy with his ripped up jeans and mowhawk. Gradually I got to know him better and he tured into one of the greatest friends I have ever had. Thankfully he lost intrest in the other girl and he and I got together.
Despite his bad boy persona I learned that he was sweet and kind and would move the Earth for me if he could. After our first date he said those three words that I was sure I would never want to say. But looking into his beautiful brown eyes and feeling the appriciation I had for him just being my best freind I found myself saying those words back, and meaning them. I felt my love for him grow every day and I was suprised and full to bursting with happiness when he proposed to me on september 11 2008. We have been together for eight months and plan to be married next year. We are both excitted to take our trip to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and spen our days lounging on the beach and loving eachother.

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