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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Magic Of Love
Dedicated to Love

Submitted by Mehri

The magic of love

Once upon a time there was a very handsome boy. He was very young. He was young but upset and sad. There was no trace of youth in his soul, no happiness, no hope… something was wrong with him, and he knew that, but he didn't know what that is. He always thought about that and tried to find a solution, but he couldn't.

One beautiful morning, that he was sad like ever, he went to the woods, because his cabin was near the woods, but he never saw the beauty of woods, because he always was sad and disinterested, and never tried to enjoyed life.

Yes, he went to the woods, like ever, without aim, hope, and even destination. He just wanted to kill time, like ever.

He was walking, when he heard that sound! It was like a song, the voice was so soft, that he stopped suddenly. The soft fingers of that sound was moving on the face of his soul, it was an unknown feeling for him, unknown but pleasant! He wanted that feeling with his body and soul!

He wanted to find the source of that sound, so he moved toward the sound. Finally, he found it, he found the source! His heart stopped for a moment when he saw it!
But what was that?

He saw a very beautiful lady, who was in the lake, may be she was standing on the water, with a skin as limpid as water, hairs as black as night, eyes as bright as stars, and as blue as sky! Her hair was a black fall on the crystal mountain of her nude shoulders; and her body was a master-piece of a sculptor!

Suddenly, the girl saw him. She looked at him and something happened!
May be a quake shake the house of his heart, or may be shake his soul and destroyed something in him that his heart buried under the ruins, with a terrible pain which was pleasant!!

But in that moment, exactly in that moment which he experienced a new unknown feeling, the girl vanished, like a drop in water or vapor in air!


The young man of our story is alone now. But he is not sad, something changed in his life, he can see beauty, he can enjoy the songs of birds, of water, of nature. He has a new feeling. That he knows it as a gift; because it has changed his life, and painted his heart with hope!
He has an aim now. He wants to find his fairy. Something changed in his life, as a result of this new feeling that he doesn't know it, but we call it love!
He tries to find his lost love, may be you see him, one day, in the crowded street. A young man who looks at people to find a familiar face…
May be he is here, yes here in Hawaii, and try to find his beloved. May be you see a man who asked people:" Didn't you see her, madam?"

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