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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Come home to me dear
Dedicated to Kehaulani

Submitted by Bob

I had met Kehaulani in April, 2007 on a businees trip to Portland, Oregon. She is a customer service representative at a major hotel chain. Her warm smile and thoughtfulness in listening to the story of my terminally son, new business venture and in general anything that I had to say, was most welcome at this stage in my life. Lost my wife and recently my son to a rare disease, and I seemed to just be going through the motions of everyday life with no direction. She listened as if I was the only one that was around. Needless to say, it was hard to believe that somebody even cared. I asked Kehaulani,I found to be from the Big Island of Hawaii, if it would be ok to email her, as it seemed that I had to talk to her again. I left town and headed back to Chicago,my home town. She said of course. It has been many years since I had time for myself as I had been care giving for my family for many years. Email was great, what a great friend. It's now September, I have met Kehaulani
twice since April and soon again this month. She has not only become my best friend , but we are now in love. Our daily email had turned out to be twice and sometimes 3 times a day. I have never been happier as I am now. She is such a special and wonderful person. Last time I visited Portland, I gave her a promise ring and she accepted. I know love as never before , she had brought me there. Who could not love this warm, tender, and gentle woman? We both are alike in so many ways, plain, simple and considerate of each other. Who says long distance love doesn't work? I have pledged myself, Kehaulani, my sweetheart, to be there for you always, to be by your side as your equal, to come home to you , and to be there when you come home. I have the greatest of need to love you, hold you, and tell you how much I need to share your life. Thank you for sharing your life with me, and thank you for loving me. My Kehaulani, soon you will be with me and in my arms, I will look in your eyes and our
lips will touch and I'llwhisper to you , I love you and want to be with you the rest of my guy from Illinois.

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