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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Applestruddle & Skippy Peanutbutter
Dedicated to My Skips

Submitted by Applevelveeta

thousands miles away from me & no longer seeing and talking to each other...its one of the hardest fact in my life that i have to deal with... but as you told me before that it could never break our strong bond.. i miss you so much, skips and i can only hope you feel the same way still... do you remember that dream you had that we were walking on a beach with out kid... i will assume that is in hawaii... for you know that its one of my favorite place in the whole wide world.. if ever you come back to me... i would tell you how much i miss you and that im sorry for all that i said and for sort of giving up on us without hearing everything from you... im sorry, skips... if there is something i realise after all this time... its that my life is truly lonely without you... it feels like i could not even have the strength to get close to other people in my life... i just hope and pray to GOD that someday he will give us a chance to be with each other again and i will promise to now let you know how much i love you and how everything else feels not as worthy without you in my life... just to tell you the truth wherever i am... i feel very lonely without you in my life nothing feels good enough and nothing feels truly important... you are my heart, my love & my real joy... i miss you so very much with each day that passes by... i love you and my life will never be complete without you.. youre the only guy i can dedicate all my heart to, thats something i now know.. i miss you and how much i do i cant express it enough.. i try to be strong everyday and for every patient i give comfort to, through my touch and care as a nurse... i think of you and i have you in my heart coz for me it is like you are the one im touching and giving care for, skips... i know you know what i mean coz you are the only one who really gets me and who i could only turn to and know that i will be completely understood... our love is beyond and above physical because we built our bond with strong emotions, deep care and unbreakable bond... you know this right? i forgive you baby and i love you... i will love you as long as im living... i miss you. in my heart i know, i truly do... that someday.. GOD will give us a chance to see each other again coz baby, remember? real love never fails... its just a matter of time.

love: your kapple

written : august 9, 2007'

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