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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Reunion Of A Special Kind
Dedicated to BRI (my diamond in the rough)

Submitted by Anonymous

It was back in August of 1984 where I was single 19 and alone. I had to make one of the most difficult decisions a young girl had to make! It was to give my daughter (about to be born) a wonderful life, one that didn't exist with me!

She was a whopping 9 lbs 3 oz and I had no parents to be with me when I gave birth to, they were another state. So my dad's best friend was with me in the delivery room! The decision I made to have her adopted was the hardest decision I ever made! She deserved the best I kept saying inside, she deserves everything I convinced myself. The pain of letting her go was one I hoped never to go through again, nor wished for anyone else.

Since it was a closed adoption I was not suppose to see her, or hold her. While in the recovery room, I begged the nurse to please let me say good-bye to her and wish her well. At 1st the nurse said NO, but I kept begging. She brought my little girl to me, so I can tell her goodbye. I was able to cradle her in my arms and wish her the best life possible, and just to be able to smell her and hold her near my heart and to love and hold her first, made things a little easier, even though she would never remember this!

Well I have been waiting almost 23 years now, and got the biggest surprise of my life!!! She found ME! Can you believe that, she was looking for me too! I owe a large part to her mother now, because her adoptive mother was the one whom hired a investigator to help find me. I lost hope, I thought maybe she wasn't interested!, even though I was looking for the last 4.5 years! I am so very grateful for her mother having the heart to let me back into my daughters life, I will always be eternally grateful to her.

My daughter and I are developing what I hope to be a unique and deep bond, we have been calling each other everyday for the last several days.

Now I do not have a hole in my heart anymore, my little girl has come back, and I owe it all to her mother. She has/had a good life too, much better than I could give her at the time.

I would love nothing more than my beautiful daughter, her mother and me, have a rare chance to vacation together just the 3 of us, and listen to the Hawaiian waves, whereby all three of us can become 1 and unite as only mothers and daughters can! What a better place than God's nature land of beautiful Hawaii!!!

Lots of love always!

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