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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The Reminiscence Of Yesterday
Dedicated to Noelle Rossguy

Submitted by Tri

The warm evening was lonesome and silent as I sat on the Sheraton's terrace in Waikiki,gazing at the angry waves and the turquoise sky. My mind was peaceful and dreamy like the crimson battlefields after their tumultous moments. My thoughts wandered from the emerald countryside of Vietnam to the hectic boarding school in Banbury, Oxfordshre, where I once met a pretty girl who fell in love with me at first sight. Her name was Noelle Rossguy.

Noelle had been in my mind for a decade before she vanished with a new boyfriend, though her shadow held on permanently on me.

I heard her voice from the still water, telling me that once her heart was ablaze for me. I, suddenly, came out of my dream to realize that her love for me had not died but still a fiery star that gleamed in her own vortex of misery.I began to whisper her name. A sudden light flashed in my mind, blindening it and disappeared. My heart began to hum her lullaby and my lungs sang a sad, love song. Tears flodded the golden sand of Hawaii in endless grief;

the orange sun was lowering himself to give my inner world a consolating kiss while the solemn clouds drifted back to my homeland to melt without me.

I had noone left to hold and cuddle, now. Noelle had, now, written her last message to me on this visit to the island of love--- Oahu; I realized I was too hasty of rejecting her love.I wished I had had a second chance to begin the old chapter with her.

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