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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Between Our Love Theres An Ocean
Dedicated to The Coolest Boy In The World ;]

Submitted by Anonymous

I am just 14, too young to know anything about love or about anything to do with it. This would certainly be true if only I haven't met him.

We met in England, where I was attending school and where he stayed for a few months with his family.

When I noticed him one day and asked my friends about him they told me he was American. But I received bad news as well – he was staying in England just for four months.

I didn't know him, I have never spoken to him, yet I felt as though the loss of this stranger would be great indeed.

And my prediction was right; we got to know each other and slowly, very slowly we fell in love, knowing that our dreams would very soon end.

And so they did. Few days before Christmas he was leaving back to America, with both of us knowing we might never see each other again.

The next two months I virtually spend sitting in my room with my eyes glued to the computer screen, talking to him most of the night, because of the six hour time difference.

Because of this in the mornings I would be tired and my school work standard dropped drastically.

My parents who had no idea about my long night talks with him found out and I could only talk to him at weekends.

I can't remember how it started exactly but we started dreaming about going to Hawaii together.

Our imagination and love made us describe the ocean, the palm trees, the hot air and most of all us, standing together in the sea in each others arms.

I believe that our love will win and that one day we will surely go to Hawaii together, even if I have to wait twenty years from now. Then again maybe these are just dreams of a silly girl in love, which don't make sense, but I know that if he is not the person I visit Hawaii with I will not go because for him and me Hawaii became a symbol of our love.

In the end we are just two people in love. We can't be separated. Not even by the ocean…

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