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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Dedicated to Toby M.

Submitted by Anonymous

"Jason, I don't want you to go." Lori said. Jason patted her on the shoulder and told her, "Come with me. It will be fun in Hawaii," she looked so beautiful with her blonde hair tied up in a bun "besides Lori, I have a surprise for you." Lori agreed to go with him to the majestic islands.

a week later Jason and Lori arrived in Maui. They stayed with Jason's cousin, Tommy. Tommy had a great fasination with Lori, he would often try to find every chance he could to talk to Lori without Jason being there. Lori did love Jason but she did start to like Tommy a little bit. Jason had no idea that this was going on. One day Jason went out to the jeweler's shop to find the perfect ring for Lori. While he was out, Tommy made his move. As Lori sat on the beach, Tommy came up to her and asked "would you like to swim with me?" "I'm sorry Tommy, but I don't know how to swim." and she continued to look at the sea. Tommy, thinking of another way said "How bout' I show you."

Lori got up and followed him to the water. they went into the water so it was up to their waists. "Ok, just float on your back and I'll hold you so you don't sink, ok?" Lori let her self float while Tommy held her. He looked at her body. he removed one of his hands from out under her and rested it on her right breast. She jumped so suddunly she went underwater and came back up. Gasping for air she said "Wha..what are you doing?!" Tommy looked at her scared blue eyes and he smiled. "I was holding you, darling, thats all." Lori looked around and saw that no one was on the beach. She got scared because of what Tommy might do.

Jason had bought a ruby ring with quartz on the side of it. He was so excited about his proposal to Lori. The store clerk congradulated him and said "Bless you son, may god give you a beautifal marrage." Jason thanked the old man and decided to go home. he looked on his cell phone and he had a text message. "Hey baby, I'm at the beach if i'm not home. lots of love." The text message said. Jason thought it would be a great setting to propse to Lori there. We're only nineteen and almost married! Jason thought.

Tommy approached her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. She pushed him off and ran through the water to the shore. She began to scream but Tommy covered her mouth with his hand and held there and whispered in her ear "I know Jason loves you but he doesn't know your mine." Lori began to really panic. Tommy pushed her closer to him and began to kiss her mouth really hard. Lori dug her nails into his neck and he let her go. she stepped back and screamed at him "I don't love you, Tommy. I love Jason. Leave me alone!!!" Tommy was ferious and ran after Lori and shouted "If he has you, I'll end you!" Lori ran and fell in the water and tried to get up but Tommy walked up to her and grabbed her arm and began pulling her into the deep part of the water. "No! Stop please, I don't want to die!" She screamed "shut up, bitch." Tommy shouted and grabbed her hair and pulled her harder.

Jason set his grocery bag on the porch and opened the house and found a note on the counter saying "Jason I'm waiting for you. I love you honey!" Jason thought she was so sweet by doing this. Maybe she knows about his plan.

Jason decided to head down to the beach.

Tommy was now swimming with Lori in his hands, the water was now fifteen feet deep. Lori was not sinking because Tommy was holding her up. She was pleading him to let her live.

Jason saw that no one was on the beach when he got there but he could see someone out in the ocean. It was Tommy. "Yo! Tommy." Jason yelled. Lori and Tommy both heard Jason yell. Lori knew Jason would not notice her if she kept quiet, so she screamed. Jason knew then that was Lori and she was in trouble.

Jason jumped into the water and began swimming after them. They were about 25 ft away. Tommy let go of Lori and she bgan to panic and splash up and down. Tommy swam over to Jason as Jason tried to swim after Lori realizing she wouldn't make it for very long. Tommy was infront of Jason and punched Jason in the face, making Jason go under. He came back up and punched Tommy on the side of his head and held Tommy underwater for a while and brought him back up and head butted him in the eyes. Tommy passed out and floated on his back. Jason pushed Tommy so he would float to shore. He then looked around and saw a little splashing and then it went away. Jason swam fast to the spot where Lori was and dived. The water was pretty clear, he saw her right away. He swan vigorously to her and wrapped his arms around her body and put his mouth over her nose and mouth and swam to the surface. She was unconscience. Jason swam to the shore and lay Lori on the beach sand. He put his ear against her chest

and heard no beat he began to push between her breasts and chest. he bent down and performed mouth-to-mouth on her and continued CPR and after a minute she started to spit water out of her mouth and opened her eyes and stared into his. Jason smiled and hugged her and she hugged him tight too.

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