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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

A place unlike any other!
Dedicated to Stephanie, my wife and best friend

Submitted by Jody

Straining for air on the last wall-flip, I pushed through the water, fingers reaching for the opposite side of the pool. I came in second in the freestyle relay that day at the Schofield Barracks pool, but in my heart, I had placed first because I had put my soul in to it.

To this day, the magic of Hawaii continues to hold sway over my heart, even though I am twenty-five years older and miles away. As I remember this day at the pool, I am reminded of the only other time I have so completely given my heart and soul to something else: the day I first met my wife.

I once read that you often dream of the one special place you never really let go of when you left. For me, that place would be Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Up unitl four years ago, my dreams of Hawaii were filled with sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, and the bluest waters. Up until four years ago, I dreamed only of myself in this magical paradise. Since I met and married Stephanie, I am no longer alone in my dreams.

One day, I would love to return to Hawaii with my beautiful wife. One day soon, I would love to touch the wall of the pool just one more time. And when I finally do, it will be with the memories of a young boy who gave his soul to be the best he could be, and of a man who gave his soul for love.

Jody Legare

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