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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaii 1968
Dedicated to Harry Griffith 1947-2003

Submitted by Susie

I flew to Oahu, Hawaii to meet my husband in April of 1968 for R & R. He was a marine and we met in Oahu for 11 days of beautiful bliss which I will remember until I die. We took movies while we were there but he was the one who held the camera and all of the shots were of me. Now that he's gone it's sad that none of the movies were of him.

I remember the picturesque view from our road trip to the top of the mountains behind our hotel and was amazed to see that the flowers we consider to be unusual and exotic grew wild there.

When we were there the island was celebrating the 100 year Coronation of the King festival and we looked into the opened front restaurant from Waikiki Beach where the ceremony took place.

I remember the International Market Place and the Japanese pagoda that we could see from the balcony of our hotel. I often wondered if the hotel is still there; then in was called the Waikiki Biltmore.

I remember going to the Arizona monument but it was closed that day for repairs. I remember feeling almost glad because I didn't know how I would react; being above the massive gravesite knowing that my husband had to return to Viet Nam and could very easily end up just like the people entombed there.

The names of the places are a bit cloudy but the brilliance of the colors and the fragrance of that beautiful time are forever burned into my mind.

This is for you Harry. You are gone from me now but I will always remember our love, our fear of the unknown, and how short 11 days could really be.

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