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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

You In My Life
Dedicated to Charlotte Beck Rhodes

Submitted by T

Looking back from a point in my life I always considered the "twilight " to say the least, I would like to try to somehow tell you what you have always meant to me. Those years ago and that time we had,as I knew it then, are one of the few beautiful memories of my life. The last time we saw each other I tried to tell you everything I felt about us,you and what had passed,most of all why. Failing miserably, I have thought a thousand times how I could have tried to change things or what might have been. That night on the island ,how similar and as romantic as Hawaii,when I told you I loved you endured as the only time in my life I said those words that way. My only wish would be to tell you again what I tried then, you have always been in my heart and were the joy of my life when we were young.

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