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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My Time was Worth the Wait
Dedicated to Those Who Believe In Their Dreams

Submitted by Keli

Having not ever been anywhere in the world due to my fear of flying, made it quite difficult to get to the place I had longed to be……………Hawaii, I heard it was imagined by people to be the most beautiful place in the world next to heaven.

So after two years of planning, I made arrangements to take a train to California and a cruise from there to the Big Island with my two children, my Mom and my best friend and her daughter. It was such a big change from my life to do so much at once …but it was my dream. I had gone from never being on a train nor a boat to being on both …and then on an island… was un imaginable.

One day while in Kona I decided to spend the day away from our ocean front rental and take my Son …the only boy on the trip……down to try some surfing…since we had spent previous months in swimming lessons, I thought he deserved a day just to do something for him. That morning we stopped at a diner for some breakfast, as we finished eating I browsed a local paper, my Son quickly made friends with a local boy that had also been there eating …with his Father. I let them compare their video games and talk boy stuff as I knew the rest of his trip would be just hanging out with us girls!

As we left the diner to start our day I noticed two surf boards on the back of the small blue truck outside ….since we were the only ones inside along with the local man and his son I knew they had belonged to them…….I took my time and waited until they followed out behind us. Feeling like a tourist …….I hesitated a bit …but asked….are you two surfing near by??? As the boys Father approached me, I could not help but notice his long golden brown hair and strong physique……I was relieved when he suggested for us to follow them up the road to where they were going, since I hadn't a clue about surfing!!!!!!

We approached a beautiful spot where these two new friends spent the day in the water …and my Son learning so much from a Hawaiian native! By the end of the day I had a dinner date with the boys Father, him being almost 8 years younger , I was nervous about going back and telling my mom and best friend.

They all joked and couldn't believe we went to the beach son found a new best buddy and I got a date.

Well that evening at dinner…..I have to say …. was the best night of my life, this man was so strong and made me feel so safe but yet was so soft spoken and sweet, I had never ever met anyone who had every quality I had ever looked for in a man. We had dinner in a quiet spot that overlooked the water, it was like a fairytale, ones that don't happen to girls like me, one that I had always dreamed about.

Who knew that two years later I would be his wife…..and that buddy my Son had made would be his brother! We held our wedding outside in Honolulu, with all of our friends and family……..we did everything the way we had always imagined a wedding should be. I was so proud to be his wife and to take his last name, I was so proud to be the step mom to his two boys, I was so proud to call him the step dad to my two children…….

But most of all……I was so proud of myself to chase my dreams and make this one a reality.

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