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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My Classmate, My Lover
Dedicated to Zyfon

Submitted by Anonymous

I really don't believe in destiny, but one day I never expect that I will be belong to these..scenario.

One day I fall inlove with my former high school classmate.

We were high school before when he had his own girlfriend and mine is enjoying my high school life with my freinds.Until we move to college..We never had any communications by then..We've got this high school renuion after 3 years when we graduated. He is with her girlfriend during our reunion..but I still don't care about signs had given to me.

All started when they picked me up at home for we were going to spend time near the sea..We spend time together with our former classmates. Chatting, sharing dreams and plan in life.

The next morning while he driving me home,he ask me about his feelings. I didn't accept. I ignored all his calls.

A week later, I went to Manila(capital of the Philippines) for greener pasture. He is trying to communicate with me. But I nformed all our classmate not to give any informations about me.

But then love will find its way, He his asking my YES for the second time around. And I try to open up my heart. As the days came quickly we spend time together. After that day, we were inseperable. We spent every moment of the day.

We encounter trials, challenges along our relationship.

Because of this things that had happen, Fate brouht us together. I ignore him once,but then fate bring us together for the second time around. For more than 8 years of wasting, I found my soul mate and I can't imagine that he is no other than my my former highschool classmate.And it was fate that brought us together. Now, my another dream for both of us is to wake up each day together for the rest of our life..And of course, im planning that our honeymoon will be in the beatiful place HAWAII.

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