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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

First Kiss First Love
Dedicated to Him

Submitted by Anonymous

Ok this kiss was really unexpected from this person….but im not saying I didn't like it because it was great….also these were my first couple of kisses….I've got them from a guy I've known since 3rd grade and am now in 7th and he's in 10th….and for little while for about 2 years we weren't talking from 4th to 6th grade but I found his myspace the summer after 6th grade and we started talking and hanging out and he suggested that we hang out before school and around 3:45 in the mornings he comes and picks me up at my house then we walk down the street to hang out at his house because im afraid to be by myself in the dark…and my brother got irritated because we kept waking him up when Jared came so I would be up in the morning and he would have to come to the side of the house by my bedroom window and shine the flashlight and he couldn't call my cell because if it was on vibrate and I leave it on the bed stand and I would make noise my other brother that I shared my room with would have gotten up and one day it was so much better and when I got to his house I put down my school stuff and sat on the couch in his room and when I was falling asleep I heard him say "I don't know if know this but I really like you and I know I sound weird but there it is" but the message didn't sink in till later and I was too tired to respond and around 4:15 he woke me up with a gentle fast kiss on the lips and I was up now and he knew he had my full attention and he knew it so he told me again that he like me and I told him it was weird but I liked him too and I didn't like him until he told me he liked me which made me realize how good he was to me and then we went outside into his backyard and we were teasing each other and we started playing truth or dare facing each other and he said "I dare you to fall in love with me" with a grin on his face and I said "I already am…." and we started laughing and then he looked deep into my eyes and we stopped laughing but I was still smiling a little bit and I looked down because I felt my face turn pink and to avoid his eyes and he lifted my chin and look at me then I felt his hand leave my chin and rest on my knee and he leaned in a little bit and when I felt his lips I pulled back my head and he just stopped and looked at my eyes then leaned in and closed his eyes and I closed mine and he just kissed me very softly for about 2 seconds but just let our lips rest on each others and then pulled back and he asked me if I wanted to go back into his room and I said sure so we went inside and I was standing by the couch in his room while he went to go shut the door so his parents didn't hear us and he walked back to me and took me in his arms and my arms resting on top of his and he said "so I guess were kind of together now…" and I smiled a little and said "yeah I guess we are" and he smiled and leaned down and kissed me and it was open lipped for a little while maybe 10 seconds which felt longer and I was scared because I thought he was going to French me expecting he had more experience him being 3 years older than me and me not even having a boyfriend before and then it happened I felt his tongue slowly slipping into my mouth and then I heard my cell ring and I was so relieved and I just broke away going to get it from on top the couch and he pulled me back saying "forget it they'll leave a message…" and all I could get out was "but I…" before he leaned over picked it up opened it and I watched him still scared from the kiss as he said "hello" and he gave me the phone and said it was Ashley-laura and I just said ok took the phone him still holding my arm and she said she was coming down in 15 minutes because she came down sometimes to hang out with us too and I said ok and we locked eyes and he pulled himself closer he held me in his arms but it was more than just holding me in his arms I felt weak all over his hand was on the phone and I said "I gotta go…" and let him have it he closed in and tossed it onto the couch and I felt like the only way I could stand was if he was holding me in his arms and he leaned in and was kissing my neck and then moved to my cheek and then back to my lips and what seemed like forever he finally pulled back but just turned and tilted his head the other way and he was just open lipped kissing me for about 5 minutes and then I felt his tongue slowly slip into my mouth and to my surprise I liked it wasn't scared or nervous and we made out till my friend came down and the first thing she said when she saw us was "what were you guys doing?" and I had totally forgot that I was wearing lip balm and I asked "why?" and she said "because Jared is wearing lip gloss" and I looked at him and he touched his lips then we looked back and my friend and she laughed and me and Jared looked at each other and smiled and then we started laughing and I could tell I was blushing...hawaii

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