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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Closer Than You Think (:
Dedicated to Kiera Johnson/Jonathan

Submitted by Lenise

As time goes on i just cant seem to get you off my mind, knowing that you are the one that i loan to be with and the one that I love!!!!!

We were closer than two brothers and sisters together all alone ,but now when i try to call you wont even pick up the phone. As days pass and i finally caught up to you ,to say whats on my mind you approach me as if you love me and we been together all the time.

I greet you with a smile not knowing what to think cause man to be honest I havn't seen you in 2 weeks. we take ours seats on a bench and I tell you that i didn't mean to hurt your feelings but you really did hurt mine and after all the phone calls i thought without an answer i was gonna go insane you know lose my mind.

you told me you are sorry an from then on I knew you cared!! you told me to meet you at your house cause you had a surprise you took my hand and gave two tickets but i didnt understand why! Me going to hawaii, I asked why did you buy the tickets and you said that you wanted to show me a good time,so i said thank you and then we had a romantic kiss and you told me you were all mines.

when the trip was over I told him with no hesitation that hawaii was definately our most romantic destination.

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