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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Dedicated to Katie

Submitted by Matthew

Well I first met you, you taught me how to play a card game I didn't think much more of you then the hot chick in year 12.

I looked saw you plenty of times around the school.

Then I spook to again on the last day of your schooling year.

But I could clearly see you weren't interested in me.

Not only because you forgot my name.

Then I asked you if you had a boy friend you said, " I don't know "

Was this your weird way of rejecting me I didn't know.

I ask for your number so I could "give you information about my party"

I invited you to my party, that night when I spook to you didn't sound to interested in me. I was going to kiss you but we where interrupted so I left it there.

I decided that I was going to kiss you the next time I saw you witch was 1 week later and I did. It was the best thing I had ever done in my life. I then asked you out that night. Witch you replied " this is were I'm meant to say no but yes "

Three days latter I realised that you were the first girl I had ever loved in my life yes I loved you for the first time. The next day I told you that I loved you, you said " well that's nice " then went to walk away the stoped came back sat on my bike between my lap and said "I LOVE YOU TWO" I smiled the biggest smile in my life. Then you told me you realised you loved me along time ago and you didn't know if I loved you so you didn't want to tell me and make me feel weird. You come out with me on my birthday and we had a fight and I cried the first time I had cried in two years, I was very surprised and I realised how much I loved you.

You went to the UK for holidays going for six weeks. I knew it was going to be hard two weeks after you left I went to a mate's party I was there and I got asked for your UK number by two people and I gave it to them. The next day I went out and got credit I was on msn I sent you an e-mail saying that I had credit now but I can't txt you because of the deal I had wouldn't let me txt or call overseas. Soon after I sent that e-mail you come online I sent you a IM (instant message) saying " Hey Babe " you replied with " don't call me that don't go changing you mind now matt "

I was dumb founded you kept on telling me not to play dumb and that I knew what you were talking about ECT. ECT. I didn't know what you were talking about then I finally got it out of you. You said you sent me a txt saying " I have had enough I can't deal with you being in England so far away we need to separate and talk when you get back " but I didn't send that txt. I asked you what the number was that sent you the txt you said you should know you sent it to me I said no I didn't send the txt but you didn't belive me at all and you said you had deleted the txt because it wasn't good for your self of steam. So I sat there for the next three days crying thinking of who sent you that txt msg because I wasn't drunk that night and I rember that whole night.

After one week you said to me Matt I trust you now I belive you didn't do it. No it was not two weeks of me ignoring her it was two weeks of hardly any sleep staying online all night trying to catch you online because of the time differences. Day after day txting and talking to you trying to get you to belive me witch trust me it was hard.

Now today I am waiting seven more days for her to get back so I can sort more things out with her, but I'm I love with her.

She is the best thing to happen to me in my whole life.Hopefuly we will go to Hawaii one day.


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