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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Endless Heart of painless LOVE
Dedicated to Mai Mauiboi

Submitted by Momi

January 19 2007 I am so happy that we were finally together. I haven't figure things out yet, but happy that you were in mai life that day. I could sleep at nights, not feeling sick or worry. I could dream of things that i never thought of dreraming. You bought a piece to mai life and I am thankfull you have. What did I know about LOVE? you were my first true love. I taught about things and wish about stuff, but yet, it was never enough.

We tryed hard to keep it on the downlow but soon found out the things was hard itself. I really wish that you would see that i really did love thee.

But we are two different people you are from Maui as I am from Hilo and you only going see that letting me go, is like throwing something beautiful away.

I am tried and can take no more of waiting, but take this is mind, "I loved you from the first day I met you, I loved you more from the day you said 'yes' I never stop caring for you when you hurt me, and I will never stop caring for you as long as i shall live!" But as I sit here alone down in Keaukaha, watching the ocean breath up and down, I wonder somehow, one day maybe not now but later on, you would see that I was the one you wanted to keep. Just remember

that.........Because you are mai Hawaii Baby love, and no one can take your place in mai heart.

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