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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

My First Heart Break
Dedicated to All of the first lovers out there!

Submitted by Alexandra

When I was 14 years old in the ninth grade we had a new boy at our school.I lived in Hawaii. His name was Jason Reeds. When I first saw Jason I went head over heels. He was so fine and sexy! Real smooth too. When he asked me out he said that I had the eyes of an angel. I thought that he had the most beautiful smile ever! We went out and when I first kissed him I felt as if I was in heaven. Like the moment would last forever!

Then the next day at school when I was at lunch I heard that there was a rumor going around that Jason was making out with Toni Morrison during study hall. I could not believe this, the rumor couldn't have been true. Jason would never cheat on me, would he?

When school was over that day I asked Jason if the rumor was true. His cheeks grew red and I could tell that he was hiding

something. "Of course not, I would never cheat on you." he said. I looked Jason straight in the eye. He smiled at me but I still didn't believe him. We both just stood there. Then Jason said "come on, you do believe me, right?" I replied, "Actually, no!" his eyes grew wide with furry. "Look here," he said. "I ain't cheating on you and you have no right to acuse me!" he yelled. I told Jason to get his hands off of me but his grip grew stronger. When I finally broke away from him I ran home and cried for days. He was my first true love and it hurt more than anyhting that he had betrayed and lied to me. Because I really did love him. My heart wass broken.

That was my first Heart Break!

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