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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Lovely Boyfriend!
Dedicated to All You Lovers Out There

Submitted by Sarah

Everyone should know that you have that that speical someone out there for you. A lot of people say oh im so ugly im so fat no one will ever go out with me but every one has someone just wait......

i found someone when i was in 6th grade and at first we were just friends but then i dont know we kinda had a litle spark! So we thought we could give it a chance so we did and heck were still together 6 years great to know there is always someone out there for you. for me when im with him i just feel so free and so myself and i feel like every thing around me is just perfect!

When i was litle i never thought i could feel this way about anyone but then i met this guys and i just felt so, so a live and free,and in love!

well i no i found my one and only love! And i no if u beleave in yourself and think i can find that serten someone then you will,you will find him. Just listen to your heart and think deep. when you find him say to yourelf i like him to much to loss him.

my friend always says if u can beleave you can acheave and i beleave it! <3

Hawaii 4 life

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