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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Love of Angels
Dedicated to Trevor Joplin

Submitted by Hayley

It started in Frankfort Intermediate,grade school. This is based on how I meet my true love. I saw him. His face,carved by angels. " Come on Hayley.We've got to go to math or will get in huge trouble,"my friend Molly said." I'll catch up." I tried to talk to him. I had never felt this feeling before. I was in love! Could he be my future?, I thought, Maybe just maybe. I thought of him the whole day. Weeks later, I got advice."Molly," I started," You and me have been friends since kindergarden and I need some advice. Advice on love."

" Okay, what you got to do is be yourself. If Trevor doesn't like you he's got to be blind."

" You're right. Girl I owe you one." The next day was the last day of school. I've got to admit it is kinda weird to admire someone for ten months. That day was also a school talent show and afterwards swimming.I'd won first prize overall. I sang, good. We were in line to get on the bus. " Molly. To day is the day.I'm going to ask Trevor out." "Remember be yourself." I tried to find Trevor. Where is he I asked myself. I finally found him. " Trevor I.....". His lips were next to my ears. My first love. "Please got out with me." That's the story. We have been dating eversince. Now we plan our honeymoon in Hawaii.

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