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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Opihi Girl
Dedicated to Puanani

Submitted by Kirby

My big brother Ben fell in love with the girl picking opihi on the reef on east end Moloka'i. He woke and eased over the frame of the open storm window and wandered down the point. He watched her through binoculars. She had ehu hair and wore a majenta one-piece. He said he waved when he thought she was looking back at him on the beach but she didn't wave back. One time I saw him wade out through the blue shallows and talk to her in the break water beyond the reef. A wave came up and crashed on her and he caught her before she fell and, for the first time, they embraced. They reminded me of two Old Hawaiian gods who, upon meeting for the first time, knew they were destined to live together for eternity.

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