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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Now we've had it all
Dedicated to my husband David

Submitted by Angela

My husband, David and I dreamed of a beautiful vacation site for our honeymoon.But it was not meant to be as we paid out all of our money for a wedding in 2002.

Over the next few years, we endured so much-we both ended up losing our jobs, taking jobs that pay much less.We also ended up in the hospital many times.And the final straw was when David had heart surgery again in Jan 2006.We just don't know what tomorrow holds, so we decided to take that special trip for our 5 year anniversary.

When we got to Oahu, we were in ahh!The island made us apprecciate even more what we have together.We would go to the beach and watch the sunset together, hold hands, and walk along the beach.The sunsets were orange one night and purple the next.The days went so fast-time for David and I to just enjoy each other.

When we went on our tours, and seen the beautiful scenery, something you don't appreciate at home because you know you can see it anytime, we would look at each oyher with so much love in our eyes and hearts,we were just overwhelmed.

As much as we love one another, we know that if anything were to happen to either one of us, we have not only had our dream come true to fall in love, but to fall in love a second time with the same person and to have done it in such a beautiful place such as Hawaii.

What more can we ask for? We've had it all!

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