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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Hawaiian gurls, mainland love
Dedicated to Omar H.

Submitted by Nani

ALOHA, My name is Nani and this in my love story..

I was born and raised in Hawaii on the beautiful island of MAUI up until 15.I had just finished my first year of high school with the same faces since I was ruing around bare feet, no shirt, and moku's(snot)running down my face lol. Every thing was perfect I got to call this paradise HOME.I always thought I would grow to marry some local hawaiian boy, have 2 kids, and never leave my island. How wrong could I get............

School out, summer just had begun, and i was so excited to see what "surprise's" god had in store for me. Then it happened, the day death would have been easier. My Grandpa tells me on wed." we are moving to Arizona" on Friday. I'm going to skip all the tears, and goodbyes.......

June 29 03,I got on the plane and left everything dear to me behind. My flight was the last one in for the night. My ohana tried to cheer me they constantly pointing out new things that I never saw before. It didn't help, how could this desert even compare to my Hawaii?? Yet in the end I made my new home in a place called "SURPRISE",AZ.

First day of school at WCH'S thinking how is some little hawaiian girl going to fit in?? This place I felt hatred towards seemed to get worse and worse................

It happened.....sitting in my Math class, I took notice of this boy right in front of me. His name was Omar and I fell in love with him on the spot. We began to talk and ended up as friends but before we knew the school year had come to an end, not ever telling him how I felt......

The following year in the 11th grade, first week of school was almost done. Walking into my new English class there he was!!!!!!!! sitting in the seat right next to mine!!!! I guess he started school a few days late......

In two days it will be are first year anniversary. And I just want to say thank u for being a huge part of my life omar I don't know how I could go on without you......
I love you now & forever!!!!!!

ps:"You are my world" lol

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