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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

My Summer Crush, Loren
Dedicated to Loren (Laurie's little brother)

Submitted by Susan

I remember it like it was yesterday. Every summer spending an amazing suumer month on Oahu hanging out at the what was then called the Kahala Hilton Hotel. As kids, we would hung out on the beach and at the pool at the Kahala Hilton and at the pool at the condo complex that we were staying at. That was indeed the life. Every August, we would celebrate my birthday with a coconut cream pie from King's Hawaiian and I would invite my friends from the condo and my friends from Japan to come celebrate my special day with me.

The condo was next door to the hotel and for years I had two great friends Loren and Laurie (they were brother and sister). I wish I could remember their last name because it would be fun to try to find them.

Loren was indeed my first real romance and year after year when I returned to Oahu, I looked forward to seeing this gorgeous blonde haired blue eyed tan boy from Hawaii. I remember that he was a lot younger then I was but we always got along so well. We just had this connection that was so deep. I also remembered the day he kissed me. I never forgot that moment. I felt like nothing could ever burst that cloud I was on. Loren's older sister Laurie was my friend too. He surfed and hung out with a smaller kid (whose name I cant rememberm but I do remember the boy's father Bobby who worked at the Hotel). Loren's smile was like an angel He never knew how I really felt about him back then because I was way too shy to ever tell him and how I had this secret crush on him all those years.

I wanted to write this story in hopes that he is still around and perhaps will find it someday and read it. Loren was a true romantic, always looking out for my best interest and I will always remember his kindness and his compassion and how we spent those summer nights at the luaus and just hanging out and talking.

We also used to hang out with two other friends Alison and Sean (also brother and sister) from Japan.

Loren or Laurie, if by chance you ever read this, I would love to speak to you again. You were two people I have never forgotten and hope to get in contact with you soon.

I can only pray......

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