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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Love From A Stranger
Dedicated to Him

Submitted by Anonymous

it was after party in Hawaii...

Whats happening to me? I dont even know his name, yet he left my heart dripping with this unknown feeling. Is it regret for turning him down? Is it guilt? Or could it be- love?

I cant take my mind off of him. I could hardly see his face in the darkness of the dance floor, and his voice mixed with the shouting of other people. But he was so sweet and gentile. He chose me- of all the other girls there. He made me feel special. Beautiful. A feeling I hadnt felt since I met Anthony, my most beloved boy friend. I looked for him, but he just disappeared. His friends stood up against the wall, occasionally getting up to dance, but he never joined them.

Why did I turn him down? He makes me want to laugh and sob at the same time. Theres a part of my heart at the bottom being engraved with another name: unknown.

Come back to me...please

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