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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dedicated to Love

Submitted by Susan

Twenty-six years ago and counting, a young couple said their vows in Los Angeles, California. Their real dream was to speak them under a cloud filled sky, along a sandy strip of beach in Hawaii. Though the wedding had to remain on the mainland, their hearts gave way to the reality of paradise. Self sustained and hopelessly romantic, the two mustard up the funds and embarked upon a Hawaiian honeymoon. Against all odds on January 4th, 1981 they sailed across the skies, and reached their tropical destination. Their memories are as close as yesterday's sunset, and pale only in comparison to the love they still share. Life fulfilled, but not as much sand as once hoped for, they raised four incredible children in Colorado; the oldest of which has planned his own wedding to take place on a strip of sandy beach, along the deep blue pacific, in Maui, Hawaii on 07-07-07

With three of their four children in collage, and life being good, they have no complaints, but they dream as they did years ago of holding hands on that beach once again, only this time it will be with the beautiful children that came to be, from their love that began all those years ago.

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