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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

I Will Love You Forever
Dedicated to Samuel

Submitted by Lauren

It was a friday night and i was out on the streets with the girls and we decided to go top bench and see who was there. As we went through the woods we heard loads of people, as we left the woods everyone we knew was there so that was a good thing. I had a boyfriend at that point called Lee he was lovely.

I was with Lee most of the night when i saw a boy sitting on the bench on his own, so i decided to go over and introduce myself, he was called sam he was a quite and shy boy.

We spoke for hours about everything then i knew i had feelings for this boy. I hated to say goodbye but i totally forgot about Lee and i could never do that to him. so i stayed with Lee.

A week later i went round my friends house her mum let me in, i went upstairs to see my other friend kissing my boyfriend, i was distraught i hated him for what he had done and my friend i never knew she would do that, but we made up a day later (as in my friend).

A few days later i was round my friends house again and we heard a knock at the door and to my surprise there he was Sam the boy i met up top bench. I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug ever.

After that he was round my mates house everyday and we were getting on brilliantly, after a while i knew i had fallen for him it was the best feeling ever.

One night at my mates house he was just leaving and my mate said "kiss her sam", he went red but he gave me a kiss, and the feeling was great i had butterflies in my stomach it felt like fireworks goiung off.

Well a few days later my mate decides she likes him and doesnt want me getting with him she wanted him, she told Sam and he said to me i dont think we should get together as she doesnt want us to.

I couldnt take it, i ran out the house crying my heart out i wanted to die. Anyway he followed me up the road and stopped me and cuddled me.

He then said "Lauren, i love you, i want you to have my kids i want you to be the girl that wears the ring and i want to walk down the aisle with you". I was sooo happy he said this.

So we started seeing eachither for 2 months it was great and then on my birthday we were officially gf and bf.

We were together 8 months they were brilliant until that horrible day.
Sam was getting on my nerves so we went on a break but he wouldnt leave me alone so i finished it.

He cried i cried and then we got back together, then i went home and got a fone call and asked if he could come up and i said sure.

He came up and said " It doesnt feel right does it Lauren", and i said no it doesnt so we left it. He drove off crying i went in crying i felt sick.

The next day i went down the ice bolw to meet everyone and he came down it was the most horrible, upsetting thing i had seen.
He was in tears asif he couldnt stop i started crying seeing him sooo sad.

We went to talk and he was like i made a big mistake please get back with me and i said "No".
Still to this day i cant believe i said that and how i regret it.

Well the point to this story is i still am madly in love with him even if it has been 2 years.
Were good mates but my love will never end for him. Hawaii


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