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Love Stories of Hawaii


I Still Have A Piece Of You With Me
Dedicated to My Beautiful Son

Submitted by Marissa

I was 18 and graduating from highschool. Sadly, my boyfriend was unable to be at my graduation, because he had a doctor's appointment. Later that week he told me he had some tests done, and that he had liver cancer. The doctors gave him no longer than a year to live. I prayed to god that he would heal my boyfriend, and we could get married and have a family.

The next few weeks I cried and thought of how my life would be without him, and then I would cry even harder. I finally realized I was wasting my time with him, so I spent everyday with him. We decided to get married, I was 18 and he just turned 19. Our parents didn't like the idea at first, but they came around quickly. We were married in my church in front of three hundred people. He looked so amazing in his tux, and I wore a beautiful white dress, to show that I was still pure. We spent an amazing 3 weeks in Hawaii for our honeymoon. The beaches were beautiful and the people were very friendly. We stayed at a bed and breakfast owned by a married couple who knew the island well. They taught us many Hawaiian traditions, and many beautiful places. When we returned from our honeymoon my new husband was placed on bed rest. He became weak, and didn't want to make love to me and I accepted that. Two days before our 4 month anniversary we made love for the last time and he died three days later. The day of his funeral was the worst day of my life.

About a month after my husband's death I started college. I was always sick; I thought it was because I was in grief, but I later learned I was pregnant. Nine months, one week, and 4 days after my husband died I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was 7 lbs. 9 oz. I name him Gabriel James after his father. Gabe is almost three and he looks nothing like me, but he is a spiting image of his father. It is amazing when he looks at me with his big brown eyes and talks to me. Sometimes at night I walk into Gabe's room and watch him sleep, he snores exactly how his daddy did. I pray to god to watch over him and protect him, and I tell my husband I will see him again someday, but until then I still have a piece of him with me. I would like to spend my son's birthday in Hawaii, so I can share with him what I shared with his father.

By: Marissa Herb

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