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Love Stories of Hawaii


Still In Love
Dedicated to Joey

Submitted by Anonymous

Joey and Joyce had been married for almost seven years.Life was good ,but had gotten hectic of lately. They had a new bussiness going and a baby on the way. Everyday it seemed they grew farther and farther apart.There seventh year anniversary was coming up and Joey always had planned something speacial for their anniversary.It was usually a weekend trip to some place close by.This year though when Joyce mentioned their anniversary Joey said' I'm sorry ,but with the new bussiness keeping me so busy I doubt we will have time to do anything.Joyce felt like crying ,but smiled ,and said.'Thats okay.I understand.Then two days before their anneversary Joey said'Joyce I've got to go mail some packages would you like to ride with me and get something to eat on the way back?Joyce said 'yes, That sounds fine.They got in the car and drove awile and then Joey pulled into the airport.Joyce asked what are we doing here.Joey said 'go open the trunk and you'll find out.So Joyce got out and
opened the car trunk and there was all ther lugage and to airline tickets to Hawaii!Joyce turned around and Joey was standing there smiling and he said 'Happy Anniversary Darling!I Love You!!

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